December 13 2022

Introducing SecureCo’s Product Array

SecureCo has offered our current product array for most of 2022, but with the launch of our new website, our solutions are more visible than ever. Though the products share many similar benefits, below is a brief explanation of the SecureCo portfolio.

SecureCo’s capabilities to protect data transit and network endpoints can serve many industries in many different use cases.  Though our hosted delivery platform is used in all scenarios, the interfaces at the end points can vary greatly.  This creates a distinct customer experience, since in some cases we are providing a human interface to end users, and in other cases, such as IoT, we provide only machine interfaces.  Furthermore, because some applications require high data throughput and others less so, pricing also varies greatly.  For these and other reasons, we present our capabilities in three principal solution sets:

SecureCo CONNECT: Assured and private mobility and remote access, replacing VPNs for executives, clients, and admins using public networks.

SecureCo CONDUIT: Confidential and resilient data arteries for always-on, high performance site-to-site connections.

SecureCo CONTROL: Enhanced protection for IoT networks, creating a protected mesh to provide assured data collection and control.

We also offer government customers a system-of-systems called SecureCo CLOAK, which draws upon the capabilities of all the products above, with custom features aligned with government requirements.

For more detail on our solutions, refer to our product page or email us at