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Private and secure data connections, fortified with stealth and obfuscation

SecureCo STRATUS is our patented data delivery platform that routes evasively over a distributed mesh network using a host of obfuscation techniques.

Hidden networking reduces attack surface, promotes privacy and confidentiality, and assures continuity.

  • Our mesh delivery network spans cloud providers and regions to deliver high availability and performance.
  • Layered stealth tactics thwart traffic analysis and network reconnaissance, and frustrate man-in-the-middle and DDoS attacks.
  • Eliminating metadata leakage preserves private identity and data confidentiality.
  • Evasive routing and de-attribution protect against data harvesting for future quantum decryption.

What Makes SecureCo STRATUS Better?

To address the latest sophisticated threats, SecureCo developed a software-defined transport protocol that combines both proprietary and time-tested obfuscation methods to hide client traffic and connected network assets. Security techniques include:

Attack Surface Reduction

  • Patented Rendezvous networking methodology enables outbound-only connections with closed ingress ports, reducing discoverability and exposure
  • SecureCo protected endpoints are far less vulnerable to malicious reconnaissance activities from which cyberattacks originate
  • APIs can be made discoverable and accessible only to authorized parties


  • Distributed mesh network architecture provides redundant and region-spanning comms with rotating IP ranges. Superior continuity, QoS, and DevSecOps agility
  • “Moving target defense” routing via random ephemeral circuits with 3 or more hops
  • Connection architecture without inbound ports are resistant to discovery via scans, reducing attack surface vulnerability

Obfuscation and
Removal of Attribution

  • Onion routing encloses data in multi-layer encryption, hiding sender/recipient attribution
  • Injection of decoy data (“chaffing”) to disguise payload signatures and obscure data patterns
  • Virtual rendezvous system (patent No. 11,088,996) to establish a connection without exposing endpoints 

Quantum Resistance

  • Evasive routing and de-attribution make data harvesting and “Store Now, Decrypt Later” threats more costly and difficult for adversaries
  • Crypto-agile architecture supports bespoke client cryptography requirements and rapid adaptation to new quantum-resistant standards

Zero Trust and
Security Best Practices

  • Zero trust is ascribed to network and application nodes in order to mitigate access breaches
  • Least privileged access architecture to mitigate lateral movement threats

High Performance

  • Our network uses the terabit backplanes of cloud providers to accelerate customer data transit, often comparing favorably to ISP performance
  • FIPS-approved ECC and AES encryption algorithms are efficient and minimize latency
  • Resilient and redundant mesh architecture assures uptime, defensibility, and continuity

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