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About Us

Next level technology delivering exceptionally secure data transit

SecureCo is an elite team of innovators and engineers dedicated to creating the most protected and undiscoverable internet connections possible. SecureCo offers a next-generation replacement or augmentation for legacy VPNs, cloaking data exchange, services, and assets to reduce network attack surface and targetability. Trusted by some of the most demanding cybersecurity customers in the world, we deliver high-performance, exceptionally secure data transit for commercial, industrial, and government applications.

Executive Leadership

Alexander Harrington

CO-Founder, CEO

Eric Sackowitz

CO-Founder, CTO

Anthony Corazzini

Vice President of Sales

Board of Directors

Alexander Harrington


David Laizerovich


Eric Sackowitz


Marc Sokol


Strategic Advisory Board

Dr. Ed Amoroso

CEO, TAG Cyber

Jerich Beason

CISO, Commercial Bank, Capital One

Moriah Hara

CISO, Vigilance Security, Inc.

Neil Kittleson

CEO of NKrypt

Tim Marsden

CISO, Stifel Financial Corp.

Umasankar Nistala

CIO, Payments, Fiserv, Inc.

John L. Sullivan

CSO of Boston Scientific

Evelyn Swaim

CMO and Growth Leader

Cale Teeter-Gregg

CTO of Kagwerx

Vice Admiral T.J. White

U.S. Navy (retired)