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Well suited for an array of commercial, industrial and government use cases

SecureCo’s sophisticated stealth networking provides private, hyper-secure, and resilient data communications across the internet or private networks. Our solutions prevent or mitigate threats, such as traffic monitoring, network reconnaissance, endpoint attacks, or tampering with data-in-transit, including quantum harvesting.

Protection of Sensitive Network Arteries

Added privacy and confidentiality for sensitive IP, healthcare PII, financial information, or any data channel, internally or with partners, for which interruption or breach is costly.


OT Systems Controls and Monitoring

Protects the IT integration with SCADA and OT by anonymizing and hiding data flow using multi-path routing and multi-layer encryption. Shields infrastructure from interference and disruption.

Secure Remote Access & Mobility

Our superior software-defined tunnel provides a VPN replacement or supplementary protective layer for TLS or SASE. Easy integration and flexible SDK adds exceptional privacy and security for mobile users.

Quantum Threat Mitigation

Data harvesting for future decryption is a clear and present threat.  SecureCo brings more than crypto agility – our evasive routing and data de-attribution reduce the risk of harvesting and SNDL.

Private or Clandestine Communications

Conceals comms channels to prevent leakage of identity and location and thwart data capture, blockage or tampering. Enables evasion and penetration of regional firewalls.

IoT and Embedded Systems

Creates a protective network mesh for low-security IoT endpoints and prevents intrusion by unauthorized devices. Small software footprint operates on low-power, inexpensive or disposable hardware.

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