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The most secure network connections for…

  • Mobile App API Protection
  • Resilient Data Transfer Links
  • Disruption Resistant SCADA and IoT
  • Protected Endpoints and Attack Surface Reduction
  • Prevention of Quantum Data Harvesting Threats

Eliminate Targets, Reduce Risk

Our data transport platform is engineered to create most untargetable and undisruptible internet connections

Our solutions offer:

  • Network obfuscation — protecting APIs and network assets by restricting discovery and access
  • Assurance of data-in-transit against harvesting, blockage or interference
  • Resilience for critical data links or monitoring and controls
  • End-user privacy offered by non-attributable data streams

Warning! Your network data is disruptable because it is observable

Encryption and VPNs alone do not provide sufficient protection for your data, network assets or end users.

Confidentiality Risk

Observability of who’s talking to whom is exposed. Data harvesting presents future quantum threats.

Privacy Risk

Discoverability of IP address and geolocation can reveal end-user identity.

Continuity Risk

Detectable data transmissions can be blocked, harvested, or have false data injected, even if encrypted.

Intrusion Risk

Identifiable network endpoints permit network surveillance, potentially leading to disruption or intrusion.

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Our Technology

Network security through obfuscation…

SecureCo STRATUS, our secure delivery platform, goes way beyond end-to-end encryption and network tunneling. Our enhanced stealth and network obfuscation features include:

  • Network endpoints made undiscoverable using our patented rendezvous technology
  • Moving target defense over a resilient global mesh network
  • Data transit protection using anonymization and obscured data patterns and protocol signatures
  • Zero trust architecture
Target Industries

SecureCo is for mission critical data & communications

Our technology affords superior protection that is necessary for organizations with sensitive IP or communications, network assets or people that are high-value targets, or a low tolerance for business disruption.

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