Gain Defense-in-Depth with SecureCo's Anonymous Platform-as-a-Service

Our turnkey zero-trust network solutions offer extreme protection of confidentiality, identity and business continuity for communications and data exchange.

Did you know that even the best encryption does not protect your transmissions over the internet?

  • End-to-end encryption is not sufficient, as it protects only the content

  • Sender/recipient identity, geolocation and other metadata are exposed

  • Data streams with identifiable sources or destinations are susceptible to blocking or interference

SecureCo's multi-layer encryption and ephemeral, randomized data circuits offer exceptional resistance to privacy breaches and disruption 

SecureCo Communications Protection Goes Way Beyond Content Security

Protecting Content

Iron-clad content protection is just the beginning of a complete security solution.  SecureCo provides end-to-end  encryption using elliptical curve cryptography, the most hacker-resistant technology available today.  

Protecting Attribution

Multiple layers of encryption and ephemeral, randomized connections create a zero-trust network architecture that offers anonymity and identity control for sender and recipient.  Key communications metadata such as IP address and geo-location are obfuscated. 

Protecting Against Disruption

Hackers cannot disrupt what they cannot find. SecureCo protects business continuity by camouflaging your data transmissions and misdirecting threat perpetrators.


SecureCo products are developer tools that integrate seamlessly with existing networks and applications, or provide a turnkey replacement end-to-end solution

PSP Zero-Trust Network Protocol

A software-defined virtual network that obfuscates sender and recipient metadata to resist eavesdropping, tampering, and obstruction, even in adversarial network environments.

Anonymous VPN
Client for PSP Access

Our VPN client extends PSP access to any connected device, supporting anonymity, confidentiality and cyber resilience. Ideal for secure mobility and telework.

BackChannel SDKs & Reference App

A ready-to-use reference mobile application as well as cross-platform SDK’s to create customized solutions for existing communication solutions, IoT and embedded apps.


Private Communications

IoT & Embedded Apps

Critical Infrastructure: Command & Control

Supply Chain Data Integrity


Military & Intelligence

Emergency Management

Law Enforcement

Critical Infrastructure



Healthcare & Pharma

Financial Services