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Keeping the most vital of communications secure


Enterprises have always protected trade secrets and IP, but emerging threats to business continuity from sophisticated adversaries have made digital security a universal requirement. Hackers can identify your endpoints and data-in-transit, making them vulnerable to interference and disruption, potentially leading to data breaches or costly downtime.

Critical Infrastructure

SecureCo technology hardens communication networks for monitoring and control of critical national infrastructure against bad actors seeking disruption and ransom. Operating at the intersection of OT and IT, our proprietary network routing anonymizes and hides communication flow, greatly diminishing vulnerability to interception or disruption.


Securing confidential information, identity and critical systems have never been more important for national and local governments, yet cyberattacks are at an all-time high. Cyber interference is no longer simply a tool of those seeking extortion or to sow mayhem, but now can be a sophisticated state-sponsored tool of political leverage and next generation warfare.

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