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Resilient Data Connections For Superior Network & Data Security

The Security of a Dedicated Line in a Cost-Efficient Software Package

Our software-defined tunnel is routed over our proprietary stealth network, designed to create private and undisruptable internet data linkages.

Network tunnels that are more secure than VPNs
Straightforward integration with existing networks
Complementary to existing security infrastructure


Controlled Access to APIs and Enterprise Resources

SecureCo’s cross-platform apps and SDKs provide secure API connectivity, mobility and employee remote access. Our solution features hidden network endpoints and superior data transport security, assuring higher resistance to interference, disruption and breach. High performance delivery and seamless end user experience provide security without compromise.


Confidential and Resilient Data Arteries

Gain dedicated line-level security for VPN pricing with our enhanced SD tunnel for always-on critical connections. Exceeds VPN protection by leveraging evasive routing, data anonymization, and concealed endpoints, all of which support disruption-resistant connections. SecureCo CONDUIT is ideal for data transit between corporate locations, data centers, clouds or layers of an application stack.



Enhanced Protection for IoT Networks

SecureCo creates a protected mesh of connected devices to provide assurance of IoT data collection and control. By creating a private network that obscures the data flows and devices from discovery, SecureCo CONTROL mitigates tampering threats and precludes spoofed devices from network access.

Implementation Considerations

SecureCo implementation is optimized to minimize effort:

  • Network security application can operate on virtual or physical servers  deployed and configured via CI/CD. 
  • Client apps delivered via app stores or MDMs. 
  • IOT is supported by our lightweight software agent compatible with embedded systems and network appliances.
  • Custom application integrations build on our mobility SDK.

Trial Implementation Program

  • SecureCo offers a PoC program for customers to efficiently trial our solutions for multiple use cases.
  • Trial customers assessing the value of the security features can also experience the ease of implementation, low cost of ownership, and impressive network performance.
  • 30-day, 60-day and custom trial periods available.

Product Solutions for Government

SecureCo CLOAK

Covert Low-profile Obfuscation and Anonymization Kit (CLOAK)

CLOAK provides powerful data-in-transit obfuscation technology for government entities such as military, intelligence, and law enforcement. This system-of-systems solution is designed to make IP data moving over contested networks much harder to discover and identify to avoid disruption, capture, or other interference. SecureCo technology hides the identity of end users and protects network assets from malicious attacks.

Elements of CLOAK:

CLOAK is a system-of-systems that integrates the full capabilities of the SecureCo suite of products. In addition to leveraging SecureCo STRATUS managed network, CLOAK includes:

  • SecureCo CONNECT for Government
  • SecureCo CONDUIT for Government
  • SecureCo CONTROL for Government
How CLOAK Is Adapted for Government:

SecureCo can host its STRATUS managed network in a variety of configurations to meet government requirements, including Gov or commercial cloud, hybrid and on-prem. 

Drawing upon the gamut of SecureCo capabilities, the solution can fulfill a range of use cases from covert communications, managed attribution, battlefield IoT, and secure tactical or enterprise networking.

Leading cybersecurity research firm TAG-Cyber recommends using stealth and obfuscation technology in enterprise cyber defenses.