March 08 2023

Endpoint Security: Reducing Exposure of Network Attack Surface


Enterprise cybersecurity leaders have a daunting challenge. They are charged with network protection, but the odds are increasingly stacked against them. With network attack surface growing larger and more complex by the day, and the threat environment becoming ever more perilous, cybersecurity departmental resources defending endpoint security simply cannot keep pace with the challenge.

Firms are responsible for defending themselves and their customers’ data from increasingly complex and sophisticated threats. These threats are getting better at evading traditional defenses, forcing firms to seek solutions beyond traditional threat blocking and mitigation mechanisms. More than 50% of companies experience one or more significant data breaches each year, and endpoints, as a critical conduit for valuable corporate data, are the top targets for attack. 

While most network security solutions have not equipped cybersecurity teams to meet these escalating challenges, SecureCo offers a novel solution. Using the power of stealth networking and data obfuscation, SecureCo hides endpoints from discovery and attack, while at the same time reducing network administration costs. Yes, it is possible – superior network security at lower cost.

Attack Surface Vulnerability Patching is a Huge Challenge

Today’s enterprise network’s attack surface is so large and complex that it is becoming impossible to manage. The sheer number of devices connected to enterprise networks has expanded the attack surface considerably. According to a recent Cisco survey, over 50% of organizations have more than 100,000 devices on their networks and 17% have more than one million. And all this scale and complexity leads to software vulnerability and configuration errors, all of which attackers can exploit.

In the present era of escalating threat sophistication, attackers bypass firewalls using techniques such as port scanning and reconnaissance probing. They scan and probe the network perimeter with high frequency, using automated tools to find vulnerabilities in applications and operating systems. They then attempt to subvert corporate defenses by exploiting those vulnerabilities.

Many enterprises find it challenging to manage vulnerability patching across complex IT environments, with the sheer volume of updates becoming overwhelming.  To make matters worse, the rate of growth of vulnerabilities is outpacing applied resources. In 2022, NIST’s National Vulnerability Database reflected approximately a 25% growth in vulnerabilities over the prior year.

Today’s Endpoint Security Strategies Lead to Significant Pain Points

Cyber teams bear significant overhead to manage software updates and respond to a high volume of network security incidents. Automated tools filter most alerts, but not without a significant technology investment. A portion of these alerts are then escalated for review by security analysts. This review process is by its nature costly, reactive, time delayed, and subject to human error.

Reactive endpoint security approaches that rely too heavily on threat response have further problems. Network breaches, even when identified and mitigated, can result in business disruption or theft of confidential data. Often system damage, sensitive data exposure or ransom threats can emerge from a breach that the security team does not contain quickly enough.

SecureCo Offers a New and Better Way to Reduce Network Risk and Cost

SecureCo provides an innovative defense strategy, with secure network solutions that create internet connections without exposing endpoints, effectively eliminating your discoverable attack surface. This method hides network endpoints from detection by third party scans and probing. By reducing discoverability of network assets, malicious actors can’t target them, and security incidents are avoided altogether.

SecureCo’s risk mitigation benefits are compatible and complementary to existing systems. A simple implementation simply layers over existing technology. Once deployed, SecureCo solutions are easy to manage and scale.

Benefits: Superior Network Protection with Lower Overhead

SecureCo’s cybersecurity solutions provide the several practical benefits:

  • More leeway for network administration teams to take the time necessary to apply security patches and confirm optimal network configurations. If the network software and devices are not visible to attackers, they cannot exploit new vulnerabilities as they are discovered. 
  • Lower administrative workload for systems and personnel, due to a dramatically reduced amount of network security incidents to investigate, catalog and store.
  • Prevents breaches.  Though no solution can assure total security, the fact that some of the most severe vulnerabilities are removed from view from attackers means that the resultant downstream security incidents will be totally avoided.  

The practical benefits above yield several positive business outcomes:

  • Reduced network administration expenses
  • Lower network risk of due to fewer security incidents, including breaches
  • Averted breaches saves significant mitigation costs and avoids business disruption, brand damage and loss of customer confidence 
  • Greater assurance in integrity of computing environment
  • Reduced cyber insurance premiums

How We Reduce Network Risk

SecureCo’s built its breakthrough endpoint security solution based on our patented Rendezvous connection methodology.  This proprietary approach allows SecureCo customers to establish connections with no open inbound ports, as the endpoints connect by reaching out to a random, negotiated midpoint in the SecureCo cloud delivery platform. In addition, data sent via this method is de-attributed and routed via multiple proxies to hide the source and destination. The solution therefore uses both network and data obfuscation to frustrate threat actors and reduce network risk. Read more about our technology here

Without the necessity of discoverable inbound ports, firewalls can now be set to block scans seeking to probe for penetration attacks or to interfere with network endpoints. Network assets that escape detectability do not expose their vulnerabilities and avoid downstream security incidents.

SecureCo’s networking solutions are high performance, and do not add meaningful latency to data transmission. We accelerate data transit via the terabyte backplane of best-of-breed cloud providers. In some cases, data transit speeds are comparable in performance to that of the customer’s ISP unburdened by additional security.

Easy to Adopt, Manage and Scale

SecureCo provides risk mitigation that is compatible and complementary to existing systems and application services. Our installation is a simple network overlay that can co-exist or replace other data-in-transit solutions, such as VPNs. Existing mitigation systems, such as ZTNA and SASE, do not provide network obfuscation benefits, and SecureCo offers a complimentary layer of defense-in-depth. 

Installation is simple and requires deployment on the black side of the customer’s network environment. We route customer data via SecureCo Stratus, our managed cloud-based delivery platform, requiring negligible customer overhead. The service scales flexibly, drawing upon the resources of cloud services to operate at any volume in any geography.  

Endpoint Security That Meets Today’s Challenges

SecureCo is one of a new breed of network security solutions that provides advanced protection of data transit and network endpoints in a way that both lowers risk and administration cost. Reactive cybersecurity, with a constant scramble to stay abreast of updates and respond to security incidents, can be a thing of the past. By uniquely adding a layer of obfuscation to both the endpoints and the data, SecureCo can lower your enterprise’s cybersecurity exposure and enhance productivity, by allowing teams to work proactively in a secure environment. Endpoint security is challenging, and today’s networks need the additional protection of obfuscation, which hides endpoints from attackers.