December 12 2022

Client Spotlight: The ETS-Sponsorship Program

For several months we have been supporting ETS-Sponsorship’s very important mission, and are very proud to call them a customer.

The ETS Sponsorship Program, a non-profit organization actively partnering with the Veterans Administration, the Department of Defense, and local communities, supports service member transition from military to civilian life.  Research shows the ETS Sponsorship Program mitigates stressors and enhances reintegration for transitioning service members.  These efforts create better outcomes, with a major goal to diminish the veteran suicide rate.  

Approximately 200,000 service members transition to civilian communities annually, and studies indicate as many as 72% experience high levels of stress. While there are approximately 45,000 veteran support organizations that supplement federal programs, there is no process to help veterans navigate this system and find the appropriate benefits. The ETS Sponsorship Program works closely with its partners to fill this void.

The SecureCo role in supporting ETS-Sponsorship is keeping data-in-transit safe. The ETS-Sponsorship portal handles sensitive PII for both active duty service members and veterans, and is a gateway to medical and financial information and benefits.  SecureCo is pleased to bring our superior level of data and network protection to our transitioning and former service members.  

Bill Buck and Brigadier General Mike Eastman (ret.), the Chairman and Executive Director of ETS-Sponsorship, have shown inspiring leadership in rallying a diverse group of organizations in support of this vital cause.  We at SecureCo applaud them for their work and look forward to supporting the growth and success of the program and better outcomes for veterans.