November 30 2022

Does SecureCo collect and sell data?

Absolutely not.  SecureCo is fully dedicated to the privacy, security and confidentiality of our clients.  As a rule, SecureCo is delivering already encrypted client traffic, to which we apply additional encryption and security methods.  We do not store client data in any form, and we do not log or record client activity on our network other than at the specific request of the client.  Our architecture not only makes our network blind to the payload of your data, but also to the specific way it is routed, which is constantly changing. We are designed so that a client need only ascribe the minimal amount of trust to SecureCo, because we are not privy to useful client data that would constitute a breach of confidentiality or privacy if our systems were somehow compromised. To make a long story short, we collect no data, and sell no data.