SecureCo Protects the Communications and Data of Federal and Local Governments

Securing confidential information, identity and critical systems have never been more important for national and local governments, yet cyberattacks are at an all-time high.  Cyber interference is no longer simply a tool of those seeking extortion or to sow mayhem, but now can be a sophisticated state-sponsored tool of political leverage and next generation warfare. SecureCo solutions were custom designed to protect government entities against these dangerous adversaries, fortifying network data exchange against would-be eavesdroppers and disrupters. 

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Military & Intelligence

SecureCo's sophisticated distributed network solutions provide hyper-secure and anonymous transfer of multimedia communications and data, providing Low Probability of Intercept/Detection (LPI/LPD), while capable of operating on inexpensive commodity hardware in hostile network environments. Our specialized encryption and routing technology obfuscates data attribution of source and recipient, making our solution ideal to preserve anonymity of intelligence sources or hide geolocation of field operatives. Supports IoT and embedded apps for low power device transmission. 


Emergency Management

When disasters strike, first responders and administrators need critical communications solutions that are resilient not only to network downtime, but shielded from disruption from malicious attackers.  By obscuring the attribution and network routing of emergency communications, SecureCo can provide extra assurance that crisis comms channels are free from interference and available when needed.  Our solutions work on commodity hardware and can support low power, low compute IoT devices and embedded apps. 


Law Enforcement

Confidentiality in law enforcement is tantamount, but protecting only the content of communications is not enough.  The ability of hackers to discover the geolocation and  movements of investigators or the identities of who they are speaking to, could blow the cover of confidential informants or prospective witnesses.  SecureCo technology can protect against such intolerable breaches of sensitive information, while also concealing the identity of the investigators themselves in highly sensitive circumstances.  


Critical Infrastructure Control

SecureCo technology hardens communication network for alerts and control of critical national infrastructure ("CNI") against bad actors seeking disruption and ransom attacks. SCADA and OT systems are protected via proprietary network routing which anonymizes and hides the communication flow, greatly diminishing the vulnerability to interception or disruption.  Our solutions are applicable to a wide array of CNI scenarios, including energy supply, power grid, telecom, water and wastewater systems, dams, etc.