SecureCo Solutions Are Engineered to Protect the Most Sensitive Corporate Communications

Enterprise protection of confidential trade secrets and IP has alway been paramount, but emerging threats to business continuity from malicious attacks have made digital security an even greater necessity.  If hackers can identify your critical data while it traverses the internet, it is vulnerable to disruption, which can result in confidentiality breaches or costly downtime.  SecureCo's intelligent routing protects your data against these types of attacks.   



In today's environment, telecommunications carrier clients demand not only reliable connectivity, but assured secure connections. SecureCo technology can integrate seamlessly with carrier services to provide a differentiated cybersecurity offering for both terrestrial and satellite networks.  Telecom companies also have an array of internal security demands that Secure networking technology can address, including defense-in-depth for data exchange and GDPR compliant customer data handling.


Healthcare & Pharma

SecureCo facilitates HIPAA compliance by enhancing privacy  controls for patient data handling within clinical networks.  Our technology secures telemedicine and protects wireless data originating from mobile crash carts and medical devices.

SecureCo can provide data integrity and assured confidentiality in the Pharma and Biotech industries, including electronic records security (21cfr Part 11 and GCP) and anonymity for double-blind clinical trials (Phase II/III). ​Our zero-trust environment protects transmission of highly sensitive IP, and secures critical collaboration channels with labs, researchers, CRO’s, and regulatory bodies.


Financial Services

The cost of cybersecurity breaches are felt nowhere more acutely than in the financial services industry.  SecureCo technology provides extra defenses to provide clients peace of mind that their ultra confidential information is being handled with the utmost care. SecureCo can also harden data transfer for market exchanges and cross border financial transactions, deterring breaches and disruption.  Further, our technology can provide secure and identity-controlled communications between bankers, financial advisors, traders, and other market actors. 

beautiful lighting of oil refinery plant


The Energy industry manages massive amounts of infrastructure that represents high value targets to malicious cyber attackers. Protecting the command and control of these assets, the uptime of communications and data networks, and the data exchange underlying the supply chain are now fundamental table stakes.  SecureCo's zero-trust network architecture elevates the protection of all of these critical data flows, protecting the confidentiality of communications and elevating the defense and resiliency of the data networks this industry relies on.