SecureCo's patented technology employs a Zero Trust mesh network tunnel with a unique combination of integrated capabilities and applications. Our network tunnel uses evasive routing over a self-healing mesh network coupled with various anonymizing, deceptive and fortifying attributes. 



  • Distributed mesh network architecture provides redundant and region-spanning comms with rotating IP ranges and segments, offering superior continuity, QoS and DevSecOps agility

  • “Moving target defense” routing via random ephemeral circuits

  • Our network provides a robust first line of defense against DoS attacks


Deception, Obfuscation & Misattribution

  • Onion routing techniques enclose data in multi-layer encryption, with one layer added for each hop, hiding sender/recipient attribution

  • Injection of decoy data to disguise payload fingerprints/signatures

  • Virtual rendezvous system to establish a connection without exposing endpoints


Zero Trust & Other Security Best Practices

  • Zero Trust ascribed to network and application nodes in order to mitigate access breaches

  • FIPS-approved ECC and AES encryption algorithms for high performance, though modularity permits alternative algorithms

  • Admin controls for cross-domain, site-agnostic and discreet access to tools and systems based on roles, segmentation and micro-perimeters


SecureCo products are built on our stealth network routing protocol for secure delivery. These quick-start applications are designed for easy deployment and compatibility with existing systems.
Customization options are available. 


Enhanced VPN Alternative or Supplement for Remote Access

Telework has opened up new vulnerabilities as corporate network perimeters have expanded. VPNs have not risen to the challenge. 

Our VPN alternative creates a software defined tunnel using our proprietary evasive routing, hiding both the connection and the endpoints from threat actors. 

Available as a software client or network appliance, SecureCo CONNECT extends secure access to any networked device, supporting confidentiality, attribution control, and resilience.

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Next Generation Zero Trust VLAN

Trusted communications requires both secure connections and verified users and machines on the other end of the transmission. 


Our virtual network solution offers cross-domain perimeter segmentation using a software agent for downstream end devices and servers, with connections built on SecureCo's evasive routing logic.  


A deployment and configuration dashboard provides administrators role-based policy control for network access. 

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Mobile App for Secure and Identity-Protected Personal Communications

Secure messaging, voice and video are in higher demand than ever before, but even solutions with end-to-end encryption can still reveal the identity of the end users and other important metadata. 


SecureCo's CONVERSE not only encrypts your data, it makes it nearly undetectable. Hacker's can't hack what they can't find. 

We provide a customizable reference mobile application for private or covert comms for Android and iOS devices.