SecureCo technology provides valuable protection and resilience for nearly all types of data transmissions or communication flows.  Wherever the cost of disruption or confidentiality breach is high, SecureCo can provide a beneficial layer of additional data-in-transit protection founded on Zero Trust principles.


Secure Telework & Collaboration

The expanded remote workforce has exposed new network vulnerabilities, with the inclusion of unsecured home environments.  

SecureCo CONNECT provides a supplementary protective layer or replacement for VPNs, leveraging SecureCo's evasive routing and obfuscation techniques.


Our technology is easy to integrate on top of existing systems while adding resilience and security.


IoT & Embedded Apps

As nearly all aspects of life become internet enabled, hackers are discovering unsecure points of entry into your network. 


SecureCo creates resilient, trusted connections to IoT devices which resist disruption or interference.


Our technology has a small footprint and is designed to operate on low-power, inexpensive and disposable IoT hardware.


Private Personal Communications

Encrypted comms channels are now the norm, but typically these "secure" apps still expose metadata such as sender/recipient IP address, geolocation and transmission frequency and volume. 

SecureCo not only encrypts comms channels, but conceals their existence, blending them in with background internet traffic. 

SecureCo's fortified and hidden channels frustrate hacker attempts to intercept and examine your communications.


Industrial Control Security

SCADA systems which monitor and automate critical infrastructure are often exposed to disruption and attack, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

SecureCo protects SCADA and OT systems by hiding data flow over the internet using multi-path and multi-layered encryption.

Trusted and resilient monitoring and control data channels protect infrastructure from disruption, breach and ransom attacks. 


Supply Chain Data Integrity

Today's supply chains transfer highly sensitive data and intellectual property over the internet, and disruption of these data flows can grind business to a halt. 

SecureCo's network tunnel can provide an envelope of protection for lines of communication with trusted vendors, adding resilience and additional layers of defense. 

SecureCo CONVERSE creates a software defined network connecting the supply chain, combining a high level of administrative access control with assured data transit. 

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Smart Cities & Campuses

Connected communities are increasingly vulnerable to cyber interference, and as reliance on smart services increases, so do the costs of hacking.


SecureCo creates tamper-proof data connections that are resistant to breach and disruption, with network micro-segmentation and hidden data flows and endpoints. 

Our adaptable security technology is designed for compatibility with IoT and sensor devices for seamless connections to the control center.