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Enterprise cyber adversaries are getting more sophisticated and aggressive, calling for more powerful defensive tools in response. Learn about stealth and obfuscation techniques, formerly only accessible to nation-state intelligence agencies, which are now available to protect commercial networks from surveillance and disruption.

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    TAG Cyber is a trusted cyber security research analyst firm, providing unbiased industry insights and recommendations to security solution providers and Fortune 100 enterprises. Founded in 2016 by Dr. Edward Amoroso, former SVP/CSO of AT&T, the company bucks the trend of pay-for-play research by offering in-depth Research as a Service (RaaS), market analysis, consulting, and personalized content based on hundreds of engagements with clients and non-clients alike—all from a former practitioner’s perspective.


    SecureCo creates the most secure internet connections possible, addressing a critical gap in existing cyber security solutions. Our patented stealth technology protects networks and transmissions from interference and disruption, powering resilient data links, secure applications, and end-user privacy. SecureCo offers a next-generation replacement or augmentation for legacy VPNs while extending zero trust principles to data transport, cloaking data exchange, services, and assets to reduce network attack surface and targetability. Trusted by some of the most demanding cyber security customers in the world, we deliver high-performance, exceptionally secure data transit for military, intelligence, industrial and commercial applications.